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What Has Been (and Will Be) Happening…

Greetings and welcome back.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind last few months and I just wanted to take a moment share what’s been happening and what’s on the near horizon.

First, as always, thanks to all of you who have either purchased or borrowed FOOL’S GOLD and THE JACK FOEHAMMER OMNIBUS.  I really, really appreciate your support.  Hopefully, you’ve been looking forward to CARSON LYLE’S WAR:  PART TWO.  If circumstances permit, it will come to you soon.

Work on Part Two (and other projects) has been sidetracked many times since October.  Early on, it was a story problem.  Things were not planned out as well as I had thought and I wrote myself into a corner.  It’s not an excuse, just a statement of fact.  There were somethings that HAD to be worked out, or this would have been a broken part two on release, and you deserve better than that.

Naturally, of course, other things inserted themselves to impede progress.  Some things welcomed (birth of a another grandchild), others were not (best if don’t elaborate on this).  But all of those things intruded on my writing time and just made extremely difficult next to impossible to get into a writing state of mind.  So on the rare occasion I had a chance to write…well…nothing happened.

Thankfully, though, things are settling down and I’m getting ramped up to get back to dedicated work on writing these stories, setting a release schedule for the remainder of the year…and sticking to it.

The schedule is still being worked out, but I expect CARSON LYLE’S WAR:  PART TWO to be released on Amazon by June 30, with subsequent parts coming every 30 days after that.  I expect there to be three more parts to this story in total.

If you’ve read FOOL’S GOLD, then you know Carson already has a price on his head on the planet Rygel above and beyond the charges the Authority already has against him.   My mailing list subscribers will be receiving the prequel short story about that incident tentatively titled:  CARSON LYLE AND THE KING OF RYGEL somewhere around the end of May.

And on top of all that, I have some story ideas in the hard science fiction and cyberpunk genres incubating in the idea tank right now, that could see the light of day between releases of Carson Lyle stories.  At this point, I would expect those to be released under the Jack Foehammer pen name.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got to get back to work.

Till next time…


It’s finally here!  The pre-order for FOOL’S GOLD is live with the special pre-order price of $0.99!!!

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FOOL’S GOLD Cover reveal!

Coming August 28 to your Kindle:


Twenty-Two light years from Earth, a devastating civil war has cut off the Twin Suns territory, leaving it barely able to sustain itself.  The keys to its survival are the former smugglers that move goods from planet to planet quickly.

Carson Lyle is among the best.

 But even the best can get in over their heads.

Charged with treason by the same government that fueled the conflict and stole his life during the war, they offer him an opportunity he can’t refuse.  Just deliver a simple cargo to the breakaway Outer Rim colonies and all will be forgiven.  Simple?  Not hardly. Especially when it would mean he would be forgiving that same government, himself.  Then he finds out someone he’s been searching for is neck deep in the group he needs to deliver to.

Someone he’s wanted to kill for a very long time.

To do so, Carson Lyle will have to risk everything, deep in hostile territory, and climb into the cockpit of a combat mech for the first time in years.  If he can still hack it, he might even get out alive.

FOOL’S GOLD is the first part of Thomas J. Rock’s military science fiction series, CARSON LYLE’S WAR – In an adventure to right the injustice done to him by a self-serving government that cost him everything he loved, Carson Lyle will race to prevent another war.  Old wounds will be torn open and a secret will be revealed that will send shockwaves all the way back to Earth.

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FOOL’S GOLD – It’s almost here.

I am pleased to announce the FOOL’S GOLD has gone to beta readers and I’m working on building the ebook file.  My mailing list has already seen it, but soon I will be bringing you the cover reveal and product description that I will be launching with.  I’m planning to open the pre-order by 8/22  *SPECIAL PRICING ALERT*

You may notice a new progress bar on the right.  That means I’m getting neck-deep into writing Part Two, targeting an October release.

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I Hate SPACE OPERA (But Not What You Think)

Well, let’s clarify that.  I love the space opera genre.  Hell, current project fits squarely in the military space opera category.  It’s the term… “space opera”.

From the Wikipedia article on space opera:  “Space opera is a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes space warfare, melodramatic adventure, and often risk-taking, inter-planetary battles as well as chivalric romance. Set mainly or entirely in outer space; it usually involves conflict between opponents possessing advanced abilities, futuristic weapons and other sophisticated technology.”  (Here’s the kicker, folks)  “The term has no relation to music but is instead a play on the terms “soap opera” and “horse opera…”

I’m probably going to catch some hell for saying this but, “Chivalic romance” and melodrama aside, what (in that definition) makes the genre deserve such a wussified name?

What typically appears in a Space Opera (ugh, it even hurts to say it in this post)?  Strong characters, usually engaged in an armed conflict with sophisticated weapons and technology.  In some cases, this can be described as:  Michael Bay movies, but with actual, compelling characters.  EXPLOSIONS! ( In my opinion)

Not that I’m putting down opera , in any way.  Please, don’t think that.  I hear Opera, in the name, and I think musical.  By that definition, the closest SF property to qualify as a Space OPERA would be the fracking Star Wars Holiday Special!  And I don’t need to remind everyone how that turned out.

I’ve watched a Nick Webb interview, recently.  I don’t know Mr. Webb, obviously, but he looks like he good be a physically imposing individual.  To hear him refer to his book, CONSTITUTION (which is excellent, BTW), as a military SPACE OPERA, just sucks the manliness out of the “military” in it (again, in my opinion).  I say “manliness”, but I don’t mean that to take anything away from female protagonists.  There are plenty of female leads that kick more ass in military s/f stories than their male counterparts.

But, unfortunately, I’m going to have to live with the term.  That’s what the industry uses for category purposes for now and probably forever.  Although, I saw the term “Science Fiction Epic” somewhere and I like that one better.

For lack of better, accepted terminology, though, I have guess I have to classify my upcoming series, CARSON LYLE’S WAR and its part one, FOOLS GOLD, as (sigh) Military Space Opera.

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Till Next Time…


FOOLS GOLD – Coming in July

Here’s something to wet your whistle.  Coming next month, CARSON LYLE’S WAR- BOOK ONE:  FOOLS GOLD.  Now this is NOT the actual cover, but I thought I’d throw something  together to give you something to look at.

You can read a preview chapter in The Jack Foehammer Omnibus, available now for pre-order at a special price of $1.99 and will be released on 6/26. Click the link below to check it out and for exclusive updates and content from CARSON LYLE’S WAR, you can always sign up for my mailing list with the link on the RIGHT side of the page.

Till next time!

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