2016 Writing Goals Review – May/June

2016 has been the year I’ve done the best job of keeping my feet to the writing fire so far.  Let’s see how I’ve done on my goals through May and June.

Goal #1: Write 1,250 words a day.

GRADE:  PASS!! – This is an average, of course, but with a variance of 800 – 2500 words a day, it all works out.  I’m probably most proud of this one as its the first two month period I’ve made it.  I left my second job so I could have the time to focus on my writing goals and its paying off.

Goal #2:  Develop an outlining system

GRADE:  PASS – I actually had this done for the March/April review.  It’s still on the list because I’ve been tweaking it to my needs.  This will probably be the last time this one appears in the review and I’ll come up with another one to put in its place for the second half of the year.

Goal #3:  Publish a story every other month.

GRADE:  PASS!!! – Hell yeah, the whole reason for doing this.  In June, I released THE JACK FOEHAMMER OMNIBUS .  It’s the collected work I wrote under the pen name Jack Foehammer, plus an all new novelette and a preview excerpt from my new series CARSON LYLE’S WAR:  FOOLS GOLD – PART ONE.  Some might call this a cheat because its a collection of previously published work, but with the new material included, I’m calling it a pass.  FOOLS GOLD is due out later this month so I feel pretty good about calling this a pass at the next review.  The overall reason for putting that collection out was to get my new author platform some exposure ahead of the release of the next book and test/tweak my launch strategy based on what I’ve learned in recent months.

Goal #4:  Blog post every other week.

GRADE:  PASS!! – I passed this one by a lot.  🙂

Goal #5:  Building of my author platform.

GRADE:  PASS!! – I done a great deal with this, may be to excess and impacting my writing time but its something that’s got to be done.  The new Thomas J. Rock blog page is up and running (If you’re reading this, then you are aware).  I’ve started the mailing list.  I just got my GoodReads author page yesterday, so there’s some work to do there.  Started a new Facebook author page and signed up on Thirdscribe.  It’s all still a work in progress, but its work I’m doing almost every day.  This one is a PASS.

5/5 and I’m feeling pretty good.  Now it’s up to me to keep writing the best stories I can and see where it all goes.  To get all of the insider information and updates on CARSON LYLE’S WAR or anything else I’m working on, You can click the link below and sign up for the newsletter.  


Till next time…

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