So What’s it all about?

I’ve been going on about my current project for some time now, on twitter.  You may have noticed the new progress bar on the right side inching toward 100%.  I feel good enough about what I have in the outline, so far, to tell you a little bit about it.

This is a multipart, Military SciFi series.  Book One is set many light-years from Earth, in a binary star system that supports several habitable worlds about twelve years after devastating civil war between the inner colonies and the Outer rim asteroid colonies.  It was a war that divided the military, the government, the population.  During this war, the FTL jump-gate to Earth was irreparably disabled and the colonies have been cut off from Earth for over a decade.  Though the colonies are established and largely self-sufficient, The economy stagnant and quality of life has suffered greatly in this isolation from Earth.

Just like the railroad, in the old west, the ability to move goods from planet to planet quickly is one of the chief things that keeps the colonies afloat.  Anyone with a ship and space for cargo can make a living…if they know what they’re doing.  My (as yet unnamed) protagonist is one such hauler.  He’s smart, clever, and loyal to his fellow haulers, and is waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to resolve a terrible injustice that was done to him by both sides during the war.

He shows up to bid for contract work and ends up with a job that was meant for someone else.  This job turns his life upside down.  Old war wounds are ripped open.  And a secret will be discovered that will send shockwaves all the way back to the Earth.

<Some of that might was pretty good.  I just might have to keep some of it for the book blurb, I think.>

That’s the very high level premise.  I’m shooting for something that’ll be a little bit Firefly, and a little bit Starship Troopers, with a sprinkle of Battletech on top.  As one of my favorite things to write about, Artificial Intelligence will figure heavily into it.  I got a few more things to work out, and I can start putting words to paper.

This is easily my most ambitious writing project yet.  Three books @ a projected 70,000 words each.  And with my outlining strategy, I’m gunning for a completed draft of one book each month after I start writing.  And I’ll get a better sense of a publication schedule after I get to writing.  But to give you an idea of how well things are moving, check this out:


Yes…that’s a new Scrivener document for Book Two.  My outlining hit a major milestone, this week, when I got my lead in to Book Two.  After I get part way into Book One, I’ll be outlining Book Two so I can get right to work and keep this tight schedule I’m giving myself.

That’s where you can help.  I’ll be recruiting, from my mailing list, for beta readers when each book is ready for to be looked at and advanced readers to review the each book ahead of their launch date.  If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, you can click the link below to sign up for my mailing list and receive exclusive updates, content, and preview chapters of this and other upcoming work, as well as beta/advance reader information when the time comes.

 Join my Mailing List

Thanks, again, for all your support.


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